2021 Ford Fusion: Rumors, Redesign, Hybrid, and Price

2021 Ford Fusion: Rumors, Redesign, Hybrid, and Price. The latest spy shots of the 2021 Ford Fusion are more than interesting. The test mule is showing the Blue Oval’s new idea of a lifted wagon that will in future carry Fusion’s nameplate. The goal is to rival Subaru Outback and Fusion will be based on the Mondeo version. This model will go on sale in 2021, most likely in the first quarter. That also means the Fusion sedan is ending its production.

2021 Ford Fusion Price

It will be the next-gen model and a new life for the famous Fusion nameplate. Interestingly, Ford announced the discount of its sedan lineup but it left out Fusion. Now everything makes perfect sense and Fusion will begin a new era as a lifted wagon. Here’s everything we know so far about this model.

Engine Specs

The most likely outcome for the 2021 Ford Fusion is to borrow Escape’s engines. That includes a 1.5-liter three-cylinder turbo and 2.0-liter four-cylinder turbo engines. A hybrid model is very certain to happen. The AWD system is a must for this wagon that will be easy to configure on the new platform. Basically, Ford is making a small Fusion SUV in a different disguise.

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2021 Ford Fusion Engine

The high-performance variant is another likely outcome that will use a 2.7-liter V6 engine This powertrain is good for 325 horsepower. According to various experts, with this engine Fusion will need less than five seconds to accelerate from 0 to 60 mph. Still, regular Fusion will provide 245 hp with the optional 2.0-liter turbo-four engine.

Redesigned 2021 Fusion Spy Photos

I think everyone is a bit confused by the looks of the new test mule. The 2021 Ford Fusion has been caught on cameras but in an unusual way. Fusion was spotted with the modified body of the Europe-Spec Ford Focus Wagon. It does look like Frankenstein, especially the rear end. The stretch between C-pillar and D-pillar are looking strange but are providing a clearer picture of the vehicle’s dimensions.

2021 Ford Fusion Images

Larger tires are clearly suggesting a mid-size model that is larger than the Escape crossover. Think of Fusion as Ford Edge, in terms of size. Extra ground clearance is proving that this is a lifted wagon like the Subaru Outback.

2021 Ford Fusion Price and Release Date

The price that starts at around $30,000 is what everyone expects. The 2021 Ford Fusion will compete with Subaru Outback that starts slightly below that price. We are still waiting for Blue Oval to release all of the details, including trim levels and rumored high-performance version.

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Fusion Hybrid could be a gamechanger for Blue Oval manufacturer. Look for a new Fusion wagon to arrive at some point in 2021 right after the Fusion sedan ends its production.


The new-gen 2021 Ford Mondeo is confirmed. The spy shots, leaked info is showing this model codenamed CD542. It will go on sale in 2021, most likely at the beginning of 2021. It will be a lifted wagon so the sedan variant won’t longer produce.

Ford will use Europe-Spec Mondeo’s platform to underpin a new Fusion wagon. Fusion will take some mechanics from the 2020 Escape crossover. Blue Oval automaker could represent its new wagon under a different name.