2021 Nissan Juke Interior, Nismo, Price

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2021 Nissan Juke Interior, Nismo, Price. The 2021 Nissan Juke is attractive as always. The new model will appear in Europe, while the company replaced it with Kicks in the USA. Regarding the comeback– forget about it in the near future. The company presented the new concept at the Tokyo Auto Show. The new Ariya is an all-electric crossover, slightly smaller than Rogue. The carmaker could use a familiar name when it launches the production model in North America. Whatsoever, it is not going to happen in 2021.

2021 Nissan Juke Images

The subcompact crossover draws attention with its look and overall performance. Well, this is not a family car. If you need a vehicle for everyday commuting that includes a lot of drive in urban areas, the Juke is a perfect choice. It offers solutions for all problems– you will park the small vehicle a lot easier, and the crossover is not wasting too much gas. Still, it lacks power on the open road. More potent models cost extra.

Why Buy 2021 Nissan Juke?

The second generation of the crossover fixed most issues. Still, there are some general lacks all the subcompact vehicles are bringing. These are lack of power and space inside the cabin. Still, compared to similar crossovers, the 2021 Nissan Juke will really need more room in the second row. Still, the interior is redesigned and provides plenty of options, even for its class. Nissan is trying to improve safety with Around View Monitor and I-Con display.

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2021 Nissan Juke Images

Juke left the USA, and the company added a new engine. Now, it is a 1.0-liter three-cylinder unit, which is even more efficient than its predecessor. Nissan is not going to pay too much attention to the ‘lack of power’ comments since they offer the performance-oriented NISMO version of the 2021 Nissan Juke.

The design is polarizing opinions. One thing is sure– the look is eye-catching. It is up to buyers if they like it or not. According to feedbacks, fans love the way crossover looks.

2021 Nissan Juke Pictures

New Engine, Specs, Gas Mileage

Under the bonnet of the new 2021 Nissan Juke will be a 1.0-liter unit. The company built a three-cylinder engine to refresh the offer. It is a good move since the first comments are praising the new drivetrain. Turbocharged, the powerplant is capable of producing 115 horsepower. The torque is magnificent and 147 lb-ft (200 Nm) are making the Juke pretty quick.

A six-speed manual transmission is sending power to front wheels. All-wheel drive is not available, but the carmaker could bring its split-torque system very soon. The alternative to the manual gearbox is a seven-speed DCT. The main advantage of the subcompact crossover is its superb fuel economy. With a three-cylinder drivetrain, you can count on 45-48 mpg combined.

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2021 Nissan Juke Wallpapers

2021 Nissan Juke Nismo

The 2021 Nissan Juke Nismo is top of the line model. Not only that this version upgrades the performance, but also the styling with the special package of features. A lot of details will make it even more aggressive. The only problem is– it becomes very expensive.

If you are familiar with Nismo tuning, you know there is no mistake with it. The Juke will get a 1.6-liter turbo engine under the hood and 220 horsepower. The company will probably cut the manual gearbox, mating the powertrain with a CVT only. Compared to the base model, 2021 Nissan Juke Nismo is going to offer an all-wheel drive.

2021 Nissan Juke Interior Offers More Space Than Ever

The redesign of the vehicle brought more space inside the cabin. Still, the 2021 Nissan Juke can’t offer it as an overall advantage. It is good to know that the company is thinking of the fans and fixes bugs they are pointing to. The design of the crossover affects the view. The position of C-pillars will definitely cause some issues.

The driver’s position provides the clean look. Coming in and out is a lot easier. If you choose upper trim levels, you might get Bose speakers in the headrests. The overall styling of the interior is not as aggressive as the exterior. Leather upholstery is another notable upgrade, while top trims come with Alcantara leather. All models besides the entry-level will use an 8-inch touchscreen display as the center of the infotainment system.

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Is it Coming Back to the US?

The carmaker is still not thinking of bringing back the Juke to the US. Currently, there is no vacant spot for the crossover. We see it coming only as an all-electric model, based on the new Ariya concept. This one is not heading into production any time soon. Projections say the EV will appear in 2021, while the production is not starting before 2021. Anyway, this is not going to be what Juke’s fans are waiting for.