2020 Toyota Prius Hybrid, Redesign, Changes, and Price

2020 Toyota Prius Hybrid, Redesign, Changes, and Price. 2020 Toyota Prius comes as slightly upgraded the famous hybrid car, with changes in design and cabin equipment, but with the same hybrid engine that this model is popular too. The design, closer to last Corolla, the manufacturer used a trick to make this car even faster and more useful. It is made of new materials to make its weight lighter, so the car can be driven with the same engine but much more strength and higher speed than before. That will surely decrease fuel consumption and cost of the car.

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As we said, there is the same, famous, hybrid engine under the hood of 2020 Toyota Prius, slightly improved, but now even more economical thanks to the lightweight chassis. It is a 1.8-liter four-cylinder petrol engine paired with nickel-aluminum hybrid engine, which is even more functional than a classic lithium-ion battery, used before. Fuel economy, according to the manufacturer’s official information is around 50 mpg combined, which is above the average. The engine produces 100 horsepower of strength and 105 pound-feet of torque. The petrol engine is also used on the Toyota Yaris and Toyota Auris.


2020 Toyota Prius obviously has stolen a design from the new Toyota Corolla, but with more futuristic details and attractive features. The front end is recognizable in Toyota models, with wide rhomboidal gridded grille and thin LED front lights. The rear end has, maybe not that usual on sedans, wide metallic protection on the bottom and modernly designed rear lights. Sloped roof maybe makes the rear end shorter, but large 17-inch alloy wheels make it larger and wider.

2020 Toyota Prius Specs


As the last model’s cabin was upgraded and comfortable enough, the new 2020 Toyota Prius has not changed a lot in that field. It is made of quality materials, combining a grey and black color on the seats and chromatic details on the quality plastic on the dashboard. The manufacturer spent a lot of time to make this car safer, mostly thanks to the new rearview camera, lane departure system, cruise control, and video clip camera.

2020 Toyota Prius Release Date and Price

It is expected that the 2020 Toyota Prius will be in front of the buyers at the end of the year. Base price is around $37,000, according to the manufacturer’s announcements. Fans know that is not far away from the last model’s price, even though there are significant changes in the design of the car. That is because of high market demands, very strong competition and surely an army of fans and trustful buyers who are used at the same price and features in this car.

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