2021 Toyota 4Runner Redesign, Release Date, Price, and Specs

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2020 Toyota 4Runner Redesign, Release Date, Price, and Specs. One of the world’s most capable SUV is finally about to get some major changes. It’s not official yet, but it looks like the 2021 Toyota 4runner is about to receive a complete redesign. The famous off-roader has been around for decades and we have seen five generations of it so far. The current one is on the market for a full decade, which seems way too long for today’s standard in the automotive industry, even though we are talking about a classic body-on-frame SUV. The company started to work on a new model, which will most likely come in about two years. We have great expectations from it and we are pretty sure that Toyota won’t disappoint us, just like it never did with this model. We count on some quite interesting novelties, especially under the hood.

2021 Toyota 4Runner Spy Shots

2021 Toyota 4runner Engine

This aspect of the 2021 Toyota 4runner redesign is a little bit intriguing at the moment. The current generation comes with two super-reliable engines, which are great in many ways, but definitely not in terms of fuel economy. The company could introduce something more efficient for this redesign. It could be some of the new turbo inline-four units, though we are still waiting to hear something from the officials. On the other side, famous 4.0-liter will definitely remain in the offer.
This V6 is still the first choice for all those who use this SUV for some more serious off-road ride. There is a chance to see a diesel version in the offer. Of course, that would be some of the units that power the famous Hilux, most like a 2.8-liter unit. Some reports even suggest a hybrid version, but that doesn’t sound much likely, at least for the near future.

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2021 Toyota 4runner Redesign

The 2021 Toyota 4runner Redesign is about to bring a lot of novelties. The current model is present size 2009, which seems too long, despite the fact, there aren’t too many competitors these days when most carmakers turned to crossovers. Toyota won’t follow this trend and it will definitely keep this SUV a real off-roader. We count on a new body-on-frame platform that will bring some brand-new design solutions. With new technologies, the 2021 Toyota 4runner will become a better vehicle. Off-road capabilities have never been questioned in this case, but we definitely need something more refined this time.
The fact that even hardcore off-roaders spend most of their time on the road clearly indicates in which segments the new generation needs to improve. This mainly refers to comfort and efficiency. Of all, a new platform should save plenty of points, which will provide better performances, fuel economy etc. With things like new chassis setup, better ergonomics, finer materials, and more attractive cabin layout, we presume that the 2021 Toyota 4runner will be more comfortable and more fun to drive at the same time.

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2021 Toyota 4Runner Concept

2021 Toyota 4runner Exterior Design

This is the tricky part of the 2021 Toyota 4runner Redesign. The new model is about to arrive soon, but we still can’t tell anything more precise about aesthetics. The thing is that almost complete truck and SUV lineup of this manufacture is old. Now, when almost complete passenger program rides on the new TNGA platform, Toyota will put more focus on the body-on-frame department. Numerous mechanical novelties, we also expect to see a completely new design language.
In which direction the new styling will go, most likely to something similar to what we can see in new Hilux and Tacoma models. These two trucks received updates recently and feature front faces that look like something that we expect to see from the new 4Runner. Count on a completely new face, as well as a new rear end. Still, the overall shape shouldn’t change too much. The 2021 Toyota 4runner will keep similar proportions, though there is a chance to see a few more inches in the wheelbase and slightly bigger overall dimensions.

2021 Toyota 4runner Interior

For a decade-old vehicle, the current model is holding quite good. Still, that doesn’t mean that we don’t expect to see a completely new cabin. We count on improvements in all aspects, starting from a new dashboard design with more attractive lines and finer materials. Count on much more tech features, especially in terms of gadgetry, connectivity etc. The cabin will be completely new, but the overall layout should remain the same. That would mean a familiar three-row design, though a possibly longer wheelbase should provide a little bit more legroom, which isn’t that generous in the third row. Count on more cargo volume.

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2021 Toyota 4Runner Price

2021 Toyota 4runner Release Date and Price

The 2021 Toyota 4runner will most likely come in about two years. We don’t expect bigger changes in price, so base models should go around 35.000 dollars.