Dodge Charger 2022: First Look, Specs, Price, & Photos

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Dodge Charger 2022: First Look, Specs, Price, & Photos. All the features of the Dodge Charger are in our news. Dodge has proven that success is sometimes a question of power with the Dodge Challenger which seems to be crazier and crazier every year. Nevertheless, there is a version of the Challenger that will remain engraved in the anal for a long time and it is the Demon. With 840 horsepower and 770 pound-feet of torque, 1/4 miles in less than 10 seconds, and a more muscular appearance, the Challenger Demon is certainly one of the most attractive cars in the world.

Dodge Charger 2022 Pictures

Add to that the fact that this particular version of the American muscular car was only offered for the year 2018 and that its production was limited to only 3,300 copies and you get the formula for success. I believe that very few people expected the Dodge Challenger Demon to gain in value as quickly, because today, a copy in good condition sells well above $ 200,000.

Let’s talk about the Charger since it too has grown in popularity in recent years. You should know that it practically follows the course of the Challenger and that for 2022, it offers the most extreme version of its history with the Daytona Wide Body whose power has been protected at 717 horsepower. This version is also available in production limited to 501 copies.

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Dodge Charger 2022 Interior

However, it must be believed that this is not yet enough since several rumors about a Demon version of the Dodge Charger how to circulate everywhere on the web. At the same time, given the success of the Challenger Demon, it makes perfect sense that the automaker applies this same formula to the Charger. Nothing can be confirmed on this subject, it is a safe bet that Charger Demon could also gain in value at the end of production, especially if the number of units produced is even lower than that of the Challenger Demon.

It seems that FCA has an important announcement to make for the Dodge Charger 2022 and the latter will be unveiled in Pomona, California during Springfest between March 20 and March 21. Some footage of the event shows what appears to be a Dodge Charger with the hood of the Challenger Demon. In short, it is not very difficult to do 1 + 1 here to know that we are dealing with the future Charger Demon. Others believe however that it could be the official presentation of the Hellcat Redeye model which is also eagerly awaited in the range of the Dodge Charger.

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Dodge Charger 2022 Spy Shots

As you probably know, next month will be the New York Auto Show, one of the biggest events of its kind in North America. So, if the special Charger that Dodge wants to reveal to us at Springfest is not fully revealed at this time, everything suggests that the American manufacturer reserves the surprise for New York.

On the other hand, it is also at this event that Dodge intends to unveil the new SRT Hellcat version of the Durango and as we know all too well, it is generally preferable to keep only one large unveiling per motor show history of always offering something new and above all a reason for spectators to move. If that is the case, the last option left for Dodge to showcase its new Demonic Charger is the Detroit Auto Show next June.

Dodge Charger 2022 Wallpapers

For now, the Dodge Charger remains no less interesting and you should know that the sedan of the American manufacturer uses the same platform since its introduction on the market in 2005, and then, it has undergone only a few redesigns on the aesthetic level. Finally, several new engines have also been added to the Charger range to make it one of the most extreme and fastest sedans in the world.

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The most ironic thing about it is that the Dodge Charger is even faster than the comparable Dodge Challenger. So if the rumors about the Charger Demon prove to be true, we could be entitled to the fastest new production Dodge car of all time.