2021 Dodge Rampage: Everything We Know Today!!

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2021 Dodge Rampage: Everything We Know Today!!. Here is another familiar nameplate from the past that might come back. Older generations definitely remember the original Rampage from the 80s. It didn’t last for too long, but its interesting design was definitely one of these you don’t forget. On the other side, younger generations are probably familiar with the 2006 Rampage concept, which was significantly different compared to the original coupe ute model. It was a truck-based on a unibody platform, a truck for non-trickers. Despite the good reception and a lot of interesting design solutions, it never entered serial production. These days, we can hear reports about the 2021 Dodge Rampage.

2021 Dodge Rampage Concept

Things on today’s markets are quite complicated. There are so many segments and sub-segments that carmakers are trying to offer as many models as possible. FCA plans to expand its offer as well and one of the models that might come is this one. The 2021 Dodge Rampage would come with a lot of design similarities with the concept version, especially when it comes to base design characteristics.

2021 Dodge Rampage Engines

When it comes to the powertrain, it’s not hard to presume that the base model will probably come with a familiar 3.6-liter Pentastar V6 engine. This unit is already available in many FCA models and we may presume that this truck would come with a version that delivers around 285 horsepower. That’s the same one that powers the new Gladiator.

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2021 Dodge Rampage Pictures

A new 2.0-liter turbo-four also seems quite possible. This engine is much more efficient than the V6, while it features a quite similar amount of power, which goes around 270 horses and 295 pound-feet of torque.

Finally, we might see a diesel version as well. Of course, that means a familiar 3.0-liter turbodiesel from VM Motori, with 260 horsepower and 480 pound-feet of torque.

2021 Dodge Rampage Engine

2021 Dodge Rampage Design

Base design characteristics are actually the most important aspect of the Dodge Rampage 2021. While the original model was a coupe ute, something that we can only see in Australia these days, the new model will be far more trucks. It will be a unibody pickup truck.

Purists would say this isn’t a genuine pickup but models like Honda Ridgeline are doing things in this way for almost 15 years and they are quite successful. Things are quite simple here– most people don’t necessarily need a 7.000-pound max towing capacity. They need something practical enough for additional luggage and nothing more than that. For that occasion, models like the Ridgeline are more than enough.

2021 Dodge Rampage Wallpaper

On the other side, such a design approach has shown big advantages over traditional pickup trucks. As it rides on a unibody platform, a truck like this is actually nothing more than a crossover with a bed. Therefore, you may count on superior comfort and overall ride quality compared to traditional BoF vehicles. Keep in mind the efficiency, as the 2021 Dodge Rampage will probably be notably lighter compared to trucks like Colorado or Ranger.

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Styling and Interior Design

When it comes to styling, it is hard to predict in which direction will new model go. Some suggest similarities with the 2006 Concept but keep in mind almost 15 years of time gap and all those new styling solutions that have appeared. Therefore, we might see some fancy slide or suicide doors, but overall aesthetics will definitely come in a completely different manner. At this point, it is hard to talk about details, but we may presume a lot of similarities with Ram’s new design language. This would mean no more that famous crosshair grille.

Considering that we are talking about a unibody truck, it’s not hard to presume that the focus will rather be on comfort than on towing and other capabilities. Therefore, we have no doubt that the new Dodge Rampage (if it ever comes), would probably come in a crew cab layout only. Two spacious rows are a priority for this model, though a decent cargo bed is expected as well. In terms of the overall interior design, we count on a modern, crossover-like dashboard, full of tech features and quality materials.

When Can We Expect to See 2021 Dodge Rampage?

Although named as the 2021 model year, the 2021 Dodge Rampage release date actually won’t be scheduled for such near future. Most likely, the new model won’t arrive in the next year or two. Of course, keep in mind a huge question mark that stands next to this model, considering that the company is still quiet and that all reports you can find on the network are nothing more than rumors.

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How Much Would 2021 Dodge Rampage Cost?

We presume that the base 2021 Dodge Rampage price would go around 30.000 dollars. Of course, it all depends on the engine, amount of standard equipment, body styles and many other factors.