2022 Ford Transit Electric Van: Pictures, Specs, Price, & News

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2022 Ford Transit Electric Van: Pictures, Specs, Price, & News. 2022 Ford Transit Electric Van, the first all-electric cargo van offered by a full-line automaker in the U.S.

2022 Ford Transit Electric Van Drivetrain

Who is a fan of the Ford Transit van? This van is trendy in North America. There is good news for you. The company has revealed the upcoming release of the all-electric version of the Ford Transit.

This Ford Electric Van can answer many people’s expectations about the van that is offered in the electric version since we can find the electric version of other vehicle types pretty often nowadays. This van can be found in the marketplace in the US and Canada in 2022.

2022 Ford Transit Electric Van Concept

Made In The USA

This might be a reinvented Ford Transit van, but customers can make sure the quality because the Ford Transit will be made in the US. The location where this electric van might be produced can be specific since the company has a new production facility in Michigan built for producing the electronic van. The company has a global electrification strategy with an $11.5 billion value, and the production of this cargo van is part of this strategy.

2022 Ford Transit Electric Van Design

The news about the Ford Transit electric van must be exciting, and people must be super curious about every single thing about the van. It is not only about the fact that it is an electric van but also about the design. Ford has shared the preview sketch of the electric cargo van.

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2022 Ford Transit Electric Van Specs

People will not find a great challenge in the new Transit. You can still see the silhouette of the current Transit model. However, you will also find the case of a combustion vehicle with electric versions. You can also expect that there will be bespoke lighting clusters and blanked off grille featured on the new Transit.

Electric Version

It is great that Ford decided to make the electric version of the current Ford Transit model. However, the electric version is not only limited to the Ford Transit model only. It will also be available in cutaway cab and truck forms. Of course, you can find the electric version for other van models. Buyers can look for the electric van that can be suitable for them the best. Three options of body length and roof height is available to choose to meet the buyers’ preference.

2022 Ford Transit Electric Van Exterior


What about the power for the Ford Transit electric van? This question must be ringing inside your head a lot. Since it is an electric van, you must be curious about the powertrain of this model. F.

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ord did not give information about the power train yet, unfortunately. Nevertheless, we can make a guess or expectation about the power train. Since the Ford Mach-E electric SUV has been released recently, we can expect that the 2022 Ford Transit Electric Van has the same hardware as this electric SUV.

Enhanced Connectivity

We might have many expectations from the Ford Transit electric van since it is officially introduced with the electric title. The biggest expectation must be the technology attached to the van.

According to the company, the new model of Ford Transit has the connectivity function that has been enhanced compared to the current Transit van. Some features have been added to the new Transit van to reduce the waste and improve the efficiency of the fleet.

The 4G functionality has been built in the van as well. This way, the fleet managers will be allowed to access the live location of the van. He or she can also access the fault diagnostic data of the van. It will be easier to impose virtual perimeters and monitor the driving behaviors of the fleet customers.

Standard Model

The commercial vehicle of Ford Transit will be offered to the public as standard. The standard model will be completed with a pack of advanced programs for driver assistance. It includes the automatic emergency braking, automatic high beam headlights, lane keep assist, and pedestrian detection.

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2022 Ford Transit Electric Van Release Date & Price

The electric-powered Transit Cargo van will be available somewhere in 2022; the price is expected to start at $27,000 for the base model.

Are you waiting for the Ford Transit electric van? You might be wondering whether this van will be available overseas. It seems that it will be available in Europe but not before the plug-in hybrid variant arrives in this continent.