2022 Ford Expedition: Specs, Facelift, Photos, & Release Date

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2022 Ford Expedition: Specs, Facelift, Photos, & Release Date. The 2022 Ford Expedition will be updated for the first time since the full-size SUV entered the new generation in 2018. The main reason the company decided to refresh the big rig is the arrival of the all-new Chevy Tahoe and Suburban. The main rivals of the Expedition SUV are now using independent rear suspension. Ford is in this world for more than ten years, so it won’t be an advantage anymore.

2022 Ford Expedition Release Date

Fans can expect small cosmetic changes on the upcoming expedition. However, bigger updates are about to happen under the hood. The Powerstroke diesel is a favorite to be added to the lineup. Other options are a hybrid unit and even a new 7.3-liter engine. Further upgrades are going to improve off-road performance. The FX4 will still be there, but the 2022 Ford Expedition might appear with the Raptor or Tremor packages. The Expedition Max is also an important member of the lineup. The long-wheelbase version provides more space at the back.

V6 Is Still the Main Powerplant

Unlike most other full-size SUVs, which use V8 engines, the 2022 Ford Expedition will come with a six-cylinder unit as the base offer. Still, this high-performance powerplant is capable to deliver enough power and torque. The 2022 Ford Expedition will still be one of the best hauling models in the segment with 9,300 pounds (RWD, 9,000 with 4WD). If you select the LWD MAX model, the rate drops further. A 3.5-liter twin-turbo unit is good for 375 or 400 hp, depending on the configuration. Engineers are not squeezing everything out of this mill, which can burst 450 hp (F-150 Raptor, Lincoln Navigator).

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2022 Ford Expedition Drivetrain

2022 Ford Expedition Diesel

The SUV is truck-based. It is expected to see the 2022 Ford Expedition sharing many things with the most popular pickup in the market. The F-150 recently added a diesel unit, and it is yet to become a part of SUV’s lineup. A 3.0-liter Powerstroke is going to improve the towing capacity, which is already the best in class. It creates 260 horsepower and 440 lb-ft of torque. The energy is being distributed through a ten-speed automatic gearbox. Rear-wheel drive is standard, but the diesel unit will be a cool upgrade if you combine it with a 4 × 4 and upcoming off-road packages. Also, an oil-burner is a money-saver when it comes to fuel consumption. It will be less thirsty than any petrol unit.

2022 Ford Expedition Hybrid

This is still a rumor. However, things happening at the market right now give us the right to speak about the 2022 Ford Expedition Hybrid. Ford is pretty active in this segment. The Blue Oval company invested heavily in the development of concepts that will serve as the base of the future electric vehicles. The first results are here– Mach E electric SUV, Lincoln Aviator with PHEV, and Explorer Hybrid.

2022 Ford Expedition Price

A kind of disappointment is that F-150 has no any kind of electric support. But, things should change pretty soon. Ford needs to respond to the new Tesla Cybertruck, and the upcoming 2022 GMC Hummer electric truck. With the development of the pickup, the Expedition SUV will also benefit. It is hard to predict what kind of system the manufacturer is going to use. The goal is a known– efficient ride, more power, and better gas mileage.

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Details about the 2022 Ford Expedition redesign are already leaking. The first thing we learned is that the upcoming SUV is going to be changed. Designers will have a lot of job, both outside and inside. The exterior will pick up solutions from the new generation of the pickup truck. The F-150 comes with a fresh fascia. As one of its closest siblings, the SUV will use a similar design of headlights, grille and bumper. Of course, a new set of wheels and stylish details at the rear end will be there as a part of the mid-cycle update.

2022 Ford Expedition Price

The interior is going to introduce more modifications. Infotainment and safety systems will suffer the most. The 2022 Ford Expedition is one of the largest models in the market, with a bench in the second row and seating capacity for eight persons. Captain’s chairs in the middle can cut down one spot and increase overall comfort. If you need more room, the 2022 Expedition Max is a long-wheelbase edition, with 20-inches body extension. It is perfect if you need the SUV for hauling big cargo.

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2022 Ford Expedition Release Date, Price

Because of the new Chevy SUVs, Ford is not updating the Expedition just. FCA announced Wagoneer/Grand Wagoneer, which will probably be the full-size model. The competition is growing, and it is expected that buyers will look for newer models. The update will make the 2022 Ford Expedition more competitive. A diesel engine, hybrid, Raptor edition … Not all of these will be part of the lineup. What bosses have decided, we will find out in the third quarter of 2021. The price of the existing SUV is already above the average for the class, with premium units ending up in luxury segment.