2022 Honda CR-V Redesign, Hybrid, Specs, & Release Date

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2022 Honda CR-V Redesign, Hybrid, Specs, & Release Date. CR-V is one of the best-selling models in the compact crossover segment, and in the entire market overall. The vehicle is not popular only in the US, but also worldwide. Honda puts a lot of effort to keep pace with competitors and the Japanese company is doing good so far. Speculations about the changes in the 2022 Honda CR-V already started, and we can hear a few interesting theories. Updates in the compact segment happen every five or six years, and in two seasons, a time will come for the next-gen model. Of course, this is bringing a lot of changes, outside and inside the vehicle.

2022 Honda CRV Powertrain

Being one of the best-selling models is definitely an ultimate goal. But, maintaining popularity is also a serious task. Buyers got used to the best from some vehicles, and the lack of updates could lead to serious disappointment. Luckily, Honda is throwing all cards into a compact crossover segment and the result is obvious. In 2019, the Japanese carmaker sold nearly 400k units only in the US. With worldwide sales, the number is close to 1 million.

New Generation

The current edition of the crossover is in the fifth series. It arrived in 2017, and before that, new generations were introduced in 2011, 2007, 2002. The first ever CR-V hit the market in 1996. The schedule is obvious. The 2022 Honda CR-V will probably start the sixth-gen of the nameplate. But, there is one catch that can delay it. COVID-19 outburst hit the automotive industry very hard. The recovery has started, but the pandemic is not over. If the next wave happens, it will slow down the industry again. But, we want to be positive and believe that everything will turn out just fine for the fans expecting the CR-V’s new generation.

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2022 Honda CRV Drivetrain

2022 Honda CR-V Plug-In Hybrid

The Japanese company responded to challenges by its rivals very fast. Toyota and Ford launched their crossovers with hybrid systems that return 40+ mpg. CR-V is one of these most efficient vehicles as well. We expect more crossovers to join the top-tier list. That will make existing models bring something new. For example, the 2022 Honda CR-V PHEV would be a surprise. On the other hand, not the first compact crossover with the plug-in setup. Toyota is launching the Prime version of Rav4 with the PHEV package in 2021. Honda needs to react fast once again.

Standard hybrid is based on a 2.0-liter Atkinson cycle engine paired with batteries. The configuration is good for 212 horsepower and it can return 40 mpg in the city. On the highway, there are no savings. But, hybrid vehicles are there mostly for the urban drive. The base engine is a 1.5-liter turbo-four with 190 horsepower and 30 mpg of combined gas mileage. All-wheel drive is optional and FWD comes standard. As said, we expect Honda to replace the CVT transmission.

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2022 Honda CRV Powertrain

2022 Honda CR-V Redesign – Exterior and Interior Changes

Of course, every new series of any vehicle brings the overhaul. Cosmetic changes are the biggest in this period and whenever this move is announced, the interest in any model is growing. So it is with 2022 Honda CR-V, which should break sales records again. People love the combination of extra space, excellent gas mileage, and safety on compact crossovers. Without cool styling, vehicles can not draw attention. When it comes to its flagship model, that is why we expect radical moves by Honda.

The interior is also a key. When the exterior lures the interest, the cabin should make an impression. How? Modern technologies and convenient commands, comfortable seats, advanced options, safety … there are a lot of things vehicles can rely on. Because it offers plenty of everything, cr-v is so popular. Still, there is a room for improvement. Navigation looks out of date, and the engine should pair something else than a CVT gearbox. There are more possible upgrades related to an engine.

2022 Honda CRV Exterior

Far-Fetched Stories: Type R, Seven-Seater

There are a few interesting projects by the Japanese carmaker. Definitely, the Type R models are always a hot topic. The bad thing– not too many vehicles are getting this upgrade. The CR-V is already pretty popular, with a lot of options through trim levels and engine configurations. However, the 2022 Honda CR-V Type R could cement its place as the best-selling compact crossover for years to come. We can’t find a trusted source to confirm something is really happening about it.

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On the other hand, the seven-seat crossover is already available in some markets. But, buyers don’t need to wait for it in the US. This is the version for some European and asian countries. In the major market in the world, Pilot is the only three-row model. Even a mid-size Passport is not becoming a seven-seater. There won’t be enough room in the 2022 Honda CR-V to add more seats and count on buyers not complaining about comfort issues.