2021 Honda Pilot Colors, Hybrid, Redesign, and Price

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2021 Honda Pilot Colors, Hybrid, Redesign, and Price. The facelift for the current season is still fresh. Honda is thinking about the next step. Pilot SUV is ready for the big update. The third generation launched this model to stardoms. It was four years ago. Now, the mid-size SUV needs another big redesign to stay in touch with its main rivals. That is why fans expect a lot from the 2021 Honda Pilot.

2021 Honda Pilot Concept

The new Ford Explorer is out. Toyota also announced a refresh for its Highlander. There is also plenty of other models in the market, so there is no reason why Honda is in rush to update its Pilot.

One of the key upgrades should be the hybrid engine. For a couple of years, we can hear rumors speaking of its arrival. The 2021 Honda Pilot Hybrid is now more likely than ever. The carmaker was too slow in development, but the debut of Ford Explorer Hybrid will definitely speed up things.

2021 Honda Pilot Exterior

Well, exterior and interior changes will make the SUV eye-catching and more aggressive than before. Autonomous drive features are the option. We will have to wait at least until the second quarter of 2020 for all these speculations to receive a confirmation by Honda.

2021 Honda Pilot Redesign

Big changes are on the way. The SUV made stunning market results when the company launched the new generation. After that, the sales are cooling off. Still, Pilot is one of the best-selling mid-size three-row SUVs in the US. Now, the redesign is going to refresh the vehicle’s look and buyers’ interest in the new model.

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2021 Honda Pilot Engine

The 2021 Honda Pilot redesign is going to take place both outside and inside. We can’t provide the precise info. The only certain thing is that modifications will be massive. Front and rear fascia are going to be new, and designers will revisit the interior. The upcoming Pilot will keep current configuration which offers eight seating spots. In higher trim levels the availability of captain’s chairs decreases the capacity to seven.

The SUV will use the same platform. Experts expect to see a larger vehicle. Honda is not producing a full-size SUV, and the bigger Pilot will be something close to this class. Still, it will affect the handling, as well as the interior capacity.

2021 Honda Pilot Drivetrain

2021 Honda Pilot Type R

Finally, the far-fetched story is reporting that 2021 Honda Pilot Type R is on the way. Well, we must consider this as an option. Not too likely to happen, but still as a possibility. Pilot is a flagship model and the company treats it with care. It will be interesting to see how Honda plans to make the SUV being a performance-oriented vehicle. It is going to need a new engine, more aggressive styling, unique interior …

V6 Engine Will Remain the Same

Under the hood of the 2021 Honda Pilot will be a 3.5-liter V6 engine. It produces 280 hp and 262 lb-ft of torque. The company could squeeze more power out of it to get closer to 300 hp. Still, the durability of this unit is undeniable.

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For the new Pilot, the drivetrain is going to pair a new nine-speed automatic gearbox. Honda is dropping a six-pace transmission. The newer one provides smoother gear change and returns better mileage.

The transmission sends power to front wheels by default. An AWD is optional. The new model is going to use more lightweight materials, which leads to weight drop and fuel economy savings. Properly tuned, the new Pilot will be able to tow 5,000 pounds. Models with FWD have a towing capacity of 3,500 lbs.

2021 Honda Pilot Hybrid Specs

The new 2021 Honda Pilot Hybrid is going to borrow the drivetrain from its premium sibling, Acura MDX. This SUV is combining a 3.0-liter V6 engine with an electric battery. Currently, this configuration is ready to burst 320 hp. We can hear that the company plans to develop a new hybrid system with more power. It will be based on the 3.5-l V6 engine. According to speculations, the output could go up to 400 hp.

A hybrid should not be the only option for the upcoming Pilot. PHEV variant is going to offer a certain range by riding only on the electric source of power. The fuel economy will get a boost.

Full Electrification Is Coming Soon

Recently, Honda unveiled its plans of complete electrification of certain models. Well, the Japanese company was not precise about that, but in the next 12 years, we will see the vehicle that rides on its own. Honda invests $3 billion in this project and we are sure that one of the stars that could appear in the first wave by 2025 could be Pilot.

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2021 Honda Pilot Release Date and Price

There is not too much room for the 2021 Honda Pilot to increase the price. The base model will keep the current cost. Upper trim levels and optional features will be quite expensive. A hybrid model, especially if it hits 400 hp, is the most expensive possibility. More details are coming early next year when the company is about to unveil the first plans about the flagship SUV.