2022 Mercedes-AMG C53 Turbo: Photos, Specs, Price, & News

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2022 Mercedes-AMG C53 Turbo: Photos, Specs, Price, & News. Some circulating spy shots on the internet recently reveal a new Mercedes-Benz high-performance car that can be the upcoming 2022 Mercedes AMG C53.

2022 MercedesAMG C53 Pictures

Mercedes-Benz AG indeed hasn’t revealed the prototype’s exact type; however, from the spy shots, it can be deduced clearly that the photographed prototype is indeed the AMG C53.

What can we expect from this prototype? Let’s discuss the information that can be revealed based on the leaked spy shots.

2022 MercedesAMG C53 Exterior

Engine Specs

The new 2022 Mercedes AMG C53 is best compared with the AMG C63 model. Both share many similar performance-oriented components, with only slight differences that give the AMG C63 model its number-one position in the performance department.

A comparison with the more inferior C43 is also useful to better position the C53 model among its sisters.

2022 MercedesAMG C53 Release Date

Mercedes AMG C53 and C63 have lately made turbocharged 4-cylinder and V8 engines their standard; however, there is an expected change with this standard because the C63 model will abandon the V8 engine and adopt the same engine used by the C53, the 4-cylinder engine.

More specifically, the 2022 Mercedes AMG C53 is expected to have under its hood the 2.0-L turbocharged inline-4 engine capable of generating 416 horsepower, which is significantly more powerful than the AMG C43’s (385 horsepower).

2022 MercedesAMG C53 Specs

The AMG C63, using the same engine, originally offers the same power; however, a mild-hybrid system will be used to enhance the power to somewhere beyond 503 horsepower.

The 2022 Mercedes AMG C53 also share similar transmission and drivetrain systems with the AMG C63. Both cars are expected to feature an all-wheel-drive system and 9-speed automatic transmission as Mercedes-Benz’s high-performance models.

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All this information about the car’s performance is based on the possible improvements that Mercedes-Benz gives to the previous model, so everything is subject to changes.

We expect Mercedes-Benz’s official announcements regarding the details of the 2022 Mercedes AMG C53’s design and performance to precisely determine how the car will perform and look on the road.

2022 Mercedes AMG C53 Design

The prototype shown in the spy shots can be anything. It can be either the AMG C43 or the premium AMG C63; however, based on some details that appear on the prototype, we can deduce that it can mostly be the AMG C53.

The AMG C63 is expected to be a high-performance car that is very aggressive in performance and design. The AMG C43, on the other hand, is supposed to have a much more toned-down design.

The spy shots show a car design that isn’t assertive enough to be considered the future AMG C63 but is still too rugged for an AMG C43 model. The two pairs of round exhaust tips at the bottom rear part of the car (two on each side), the front axle that sports cross-drilled brake rotors, and especially the notable Panamericana grille on the’s front are all the characteristic elements of a Mercedes AMG C53 car.

If this prototype is the first to appear on spy shots, the AMG C53 model should be the first next-gen model to appear on the market soon, with the more advanced AMG C63 model, which is expected to feature square exhaust tips and rougher body design, following after a few months.

As the spied prototype is expected to hit the market sometime near the end of the next year, many agree that it will become the new 2022 Mercedes AMG C53 high-performance car.

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2022 Mercedes AMG C53 Price And Release Date

The spy shots give some noticeable clues regarding the design of the 2022 Mercedes AMG C53, despite the camouflage. An analysis of the previous models also helps determine the engine, transmission, and drivetrain of the upcoming models.

Despite the rather predictable information about the car’s design and performance, there is virtually zero information about its price and release date.

We can expect it to begin appearing on the market sometime around the end of 2021, as most 2022 models do, but we have not yet successfully deciphered the car’s possible price.

By considering the MSRPs of the same types of cars of the previous year, the price of the upcoming 2022 Mercedes AMG C53 is expected to range from $60,000 to $70,000.