2022 Hyundai I20 Hatchback Redesign, Specs, Price

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2022 Hyundai I20 Hatchback Redesign, Specs, Price. Good news for the automotive world from one of the biggest companies in South Korea namely Hyundai. The company, which was founded in 1967, has issued several types of good cars and can compete with other cars. And reportedly, soon the company will issue 2022 Hyundai i20 which first appeared in 2008.

2022 Hyundai I20 Hatchback Engine

Hyundai i20 is one of the hatchback cars or 2-box sedan-based cars which is one of the mainstays of Hyundai. The success of this car to last for 12 years is certainly proof that the quality of this car is very good. Therefore, in the year 2022 Hyundai wants to present something new from this i20.

Engine Specs

2022 Hyundai i20 will provide 3 engine choices to choose from. The choice is the Engine– 60 minutes.2 liter with 4-tube, turbocharged 1.1-liter with 3-Cylinder, and 1.5-liter diesel with 4-Cylinder. Of course, these choices have different advantages and disadvantages and Hyundai has adjusted to the needs of several people.

2022 Hyundai I20 Hatchback Redesign

In addition, the engine uses natural aspiration fuel. The use of fuel can produce a torque of 81.8 bhp for energy and 114.7 Nm. The 5-speed guide plus AMT can match the transmission choices. Then for the standard edition will produce 83 horsepower of 62 kilowatts with 1.2 liters four-cylinder.

In addition, the i20 uses a seven-speed dual-clutch gearbox or a new “smart” six-speed manual to support the task of switching with a turbo. So, when lifting the throttle, the system will cut off the transmission from the engine. Of course, the use of this engine is quite sweet and very suitable for a hatchback car.

2022 Hyundai I20 Hatchback Engine

Hybrid Engine

That the five-speed manual transmission will be connected to the system. 1.0-liter Hyundai three-cylinder turbo GDi. You can have this choice with a lightweight 48-volt hybrid powertrain that will produce 99 hp (74 kW) or 118 hp (88 kW).

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2022 Hyundai I20 Redesign Exterior

Hyundai has always presented exceptional exterior designs for its cars. For the i20, Hyundai carries an inspiring and new Sensuous Sportiness design. The company wants to make a new look and a more emotional impression on the car. Therefore, i20 emphasizes technology, style, proportion, and architecture.

2022 Hyundai I20 Hatchback Interior

At the i20, Hyundai made this car with an also practical and very dynamic. The visual effort that this car did was to lower the roof by 24 mm. Then add a body width of 30 mm and a length of 5 mm. Meanwhile, the i20 also increased the wheelbase by 10 mm by adding new 17 “alloy wheels.

Another dynamic display Hyundai strengthens by using the front and rear bumpers and new radiator grille. As for the side view, the i20 uses a unique C-pillar design. It aims to offer a more proportion of energy and style of the incision so that it will feature a bolder character.

Then the i20 will present a bolder and sharper front-end. They support this by using a wider and newer cascading grille. In addition, the headlights that Hyundai uses are rectangular-shaped BRL DRL (Day-Date Working Lights) with triangular fog lamps and real estate fog lamps.


Even more encouraging, Hyundai provides the i20 car in several new color variants. The colors include aqua turquoise, intense blue, brass, and aurora gray. In addition, customers can enjoy personalized two-tone options for the Phantom Black’s car roof.

Interior Updates

For interior design, Hyundai, of course, adapts the technology that their cars use to current developments. For that, i20 uses a 10.25 in. Display screens for all computerized devices. This car also tries to match the needs of Eco, Regular, and Sports by transforming Orange, Eco-friendly, and Glowing Blue.

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In addition, on the 10.25-inch touch screen infotainment program, Hyundai closed the gaming console with Android osVechile. Of course, these customers can use it with the help of Apple CarPlay. Meanwhile, this car only has 2 rows of seats with a capacity of 5 people. Surely this can be one vehicle that you can use with your small family.

Other features that the Hyundai i20 offers are Android Auto, wireless cellphone charging, and wireless. To give the impression of luxury, Hyundai uses the Bose eight-speaker sound system. Therefore you can get all the additional features of Bluelink Connected Car Services that you can access easily.

The last thing that Hyundai has to offer in its interior design is safety. This Hyundai car is making a technological revolution using the SmartSense safety package. The system automatically adjusts speed and can monitor vehicle location through intelligent navigation control based navigation. In addition, the system has other features such as Lane-keep assist and lane-departure warnings.

There is also blind-spot monitoring and traffic warning. And the last is the ability to detect pedestrians all available in new cars with an advanced collision warning system. Another addition to the security and safety of passengers, this car provides as many as 6 safety bags. The safety bag is a rear-end car park detector, abdominal muscles with EBD, digital cameras, braking system assistance, counterclockwise, and others.

2022 Hyundai I20 Price And Date Release

By listening to information about new things that Hyundai will offer in its i20 car, of course, curious to know when this car will appear. The size of a Hyundai hatchback car is very serious in making the new design of the i20ini. Unfortunately, Hyundai can not be sure when exactly they will release this i20.

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For that, you have to wait patiently until 2022 to get this car. As for the price of the Hyundai i20, it’s affordable and quite cheap for the upper-middle class. Reportedly the price of this car only ranges from $16,000 to $17,300. For that, maybe you can start setting aside money to buy this car in 2022 later.

That was some information that you can get about the 2022 Hyundai i20. Apparently Hyundai is serious enough to improve the quality of one of its hatchbacks. Quite a lot of pluses they offer such as increasingly modern interior designs, increasingly dynamic exteriors, and impressive engines.

Even so, the release date of this car can not be confirmed by Hyundai. However, the price is quite cheap does not seem to be a barrier for you to have a new car in 2022. Therefore, you only need to wait patiently until this car can really get you.