2022 Genesis G80 Release Date, Specs, & Price

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2022 Genesis G80 Release Date, Specs, & Price. After shows Genesis G90, now, Genesis provides a new style of 2022 Genesis G80. Actually, it has similarities as the previous of Genesis, Genesis G90. At first impression, they look almost the same. People may argue that both of them are one. Besides, they also argue that Genesis G80 takes the design of Genesis G90. However, both of them are different. Also, they have new designs and specifications.

2022 Genesis G80 Spy Shots

Engine Specs & Performance

While talking about the specification, we may argue that sports car always has an incredible specification. However, it is in line with all specifications of Genesis G80. It has three engines include inside the car. The engine was imported from America with high-quality products. Both engines have 2.5 liters of turbocharged and four-cylinder. Besides, that engines make 300 hp at 5800 rpm and also 311 lb. it counts among 1650 and 4000 rpm for the starter unit.

In this case, we are able to increase the engine and upgrade with the twin-turbo engine. The twin-turbo engine will have 3.5 liters of V6 with 375 hp at 5800 rpm. While on the 391 lb-ft starts from 1300 to 4500 rpm.

2022 Genesis G80 Redesign

Not only those specifications, but this car also provides board safety tech. the board safety tech includes automated driving and the land change via highway driving. In addition, the cruise-control system can assist the drivers In the unspecified way, traffic light cross, automatic collision detection, and also blind-spot monitoring. The blind-spot monitoring is interesting. Besides, it can avoid the dangerous thing that comes along the driving.

In this case, it doesn’t stop in safety tech. This car also has an automatic parking system. Also, this system is completed by sensitive touch on the outside via fob. It has a sensitive touchpad located in the center of the tunnel. The air system, android auto, apple CarPlay capability are not forgotten.

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2022 Genesis G80 Interior

The whole performance of this car is incredible. This car looks ace with real improvement than the previous generation of Genesis. Besides, the 300 horsepower can make the driver looks cool. The buyer in the automotive world is always falling in love with a quicker car. Thus, this Genesis G80 can be eye-catching as the sports car.

It can make the driver relax in riding, effortless, and also steering. Besides, the whole surface in the interior design can be comfortable and interesting enough for staying along the day inside the car. It also improved with many infotainment equipment. Those can make you feel relax while riding in the way.

2022 Genesis G80 Specs

2022 Genesis G80 Redesign Exterior & Interior

Genesis G80 comes with many new items and specifications. This Genesis G80 indeed is almost the same as the previous. Both of them are different. There are many differences between Genesis G90 and the new Genesis G80. However, they look similar to each other. Thus, the following will explain the differences between them.

Outside of this premium sedan has interesting exterior and body shape. It is bigger than the previous car, Genesis G90. Even the body is bigger, it has smaller grille than Genesis G90. On the other hand, Genesis G80 also has equal-sign shaped headlights that are separated completely. While on the Genesis G90, it has just one massive headlight unit on each side.

In this case, we can say that the new Genesis G80 has a more aggressive appearance than the previous one. It has an aggressive appearance on the frontal view also. Besides, Genesis G80 is more luxurious by the trim level. In this case, it says that Genesis G80 is a kind of sports car. It is a better shoulder line on the body. Thus, it looks sportier and manly than the previous one.

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In this case, it is known that Genesis G80 provides a more luxurious exterior than the previous one. Actually, not only the exterior but the interior is also better than the previous. Thus, it likes newborns as better cars.

Interior Updates

As the exterior, this car also has interesting interior design even though it has almost the same design as GV80 SUV, it still has sporty and luxury looks. The center console of this car is inspired by GV80 SUV, so does the steering wheel. This wonderful car is also completed by 14.5 inches of infotainment screen located on the top of the dash.

On the other hand, the car is complemented by the three dimensions of 12.3 inches of the digital instrument cluster. The chair or the interior surface has high-quality material that is fabrics and leather. The open pore is made from wood. The wood has high-quality also which makes it looks luxurious.

In addition, Genesis G80 has more legroom and also a headroom. This interior will make the driver and passenger feel more comfortable than the previous. Moreover, the interior lighting and rear seats will make the interior more complete. The baggage can include five carries on the suitcase. It is a wonderful space for baggage inside the car.

2022 Genesis G80 Price & Availability

By all the things include in this car, we can argue how much we should pay for having this car. We can not expect the lower cost. This luxury car will have higher than we expect before. It amounts to 45.000 US dollars. It has a higher price than the previous amounts of 43.545 US dollars. By that price, we will get a balance facility include in this car.

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Genesis G80 will release in 2022. That is the reason why people call it 2022 Genesis G80. Around the year 2020, Genesis has released the 2020 Genesis G80 Sedan and Genesis G80 SUV which has almost similar design and specification. The specification is not totally the same. they still have differences on some sides.


To Sum up, the 2022 Genesis G80 is a kind of sports car. This sports car has an incredible engine with 300 horsepower. Moreover, the interior and exterior of this car are also more than expected. The performance and the system are completely wonderful. Besides, the infotainment system of the car makes the buyer interested in the Genesis G80. Also, the comfortable feeling while driving the car, suitcase space, and others will be wonderful more than we think.