2022 Lincoln Navigator: Specs, Raptor, Hybrid, & Photos

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2022 Lincoln Navigator: Specs, Raptor, Hybrid, & Photos. We expect a facelift on the 2022 Lincoln Navigator. The biggest reason is the new Cadillac Escalade. General Motors refreshed the entire lineup of its big SUVs. Now, it is turn to Ford to respond to new technologies available on the Navigator’s archrival. The SUV is already a high-end model with stunning features, breathtaking styling, impressive performance, and a hefty price. The new Navigator is not getting any cheaper. Black Label editions are there to deliver unique interiors, inspired by different themes. In 2022, we could see new layouts.

2022 Lincoln Navigator Powertrain

The current edition of the full-size luxury SUV dates from 2018. We can say that vehicle is still fresh, and in this segment, companies are not making changes too often. We are going back to the GM, which updated Escalade after seven seasons. Lexus LX and Toyota Land Cruiser are more than 10 years old.

Surprisingly, under the hood of the Navigator, we find a V6 engine. Yes, it is quite powerful, but most full-size SUVs are using V8 powerplants. We don’t see such a drivetrain coming for the 2022 Lincoln Navigator, although the carmaker has a suitable replacement.

2022 Lincoln Navigator Engine

V8 Replaces V6

Navigator is one of the rare full-size SUVs with a V6 engine. The twin-turbo system, in combination with perfect tuning, is making it the most capable model for towing in the luxury segment. Also, the V6 will save some fuel compared to the motor with more cylinders. There is a new unit that might be the future power source for big rigs. A 7.3-liter mill is capable of producing 430 hp and 480 lb-ft of torque. Still, it is a downgrade compared to the 3.5-liter twin-turbo setup (450 hp and 510 lb-ft). Ford is keen on smaller turbocharged engines, and we can see proofs all across the SUV and crossover lineup.

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Mark E – Electric Navigator

Mark LT was a legendary pickup truck by the Lincoln company. While its fans are trying to find sources that will confirm details about its comeback, another Mark appeared. Like said, investments into electrification are huge, and the next all-electric model could be a full-size luxury SUV The 2022 Lincoln Mark E is going to be smaller than Navigator. Ford planned to team up with Rivian and use its R1S concept. But, this idea is off now and the US company is going on its own. The Mark E will be there to compete against Tesla Model X. This is one of the reasons why we believe in the 2022 Lincoln Navigator Hybrid.

2022 Lincoln Navigator Engine

2022 Lincoln Navigator Interior Refresh

The focus on the new 2022 Lincoln Navigator refresh will be inside. The interior of the SUV is packed and already spacious with many advanced features. By default, the Navigator is an eight-seater, while the capacity drops to seven when the captain’s chairs are in the middle row. There are 109 cubic feet of cargo space when all seats are folded and even with the base configuration, there are 21 cu.ft. behind the third row. The capacity jumps to 36 and 120 cubic feet if you select the LWB Navigator L. the 2022 YM is not going to be bigger, since the company is preparing Excursion, an HD truck-based SUV, which might get a premium sibling with a Lincoln badge.

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2022 Lincoln Navigator Hybrid and Raptor Models

A lot of rumors are speaking about changes under the hood of the 2022 Lincoln Navigator. The loudest speculations are mentioning a hybrid drivetrain. Ford is investing huge amounts of money into electrification, but its full-size lineup is not affected. On the other hand, Lincoln Aviator Hybrid stunned the market last season with a 500 horsepower system. A more powerful configuration might arrive for the 2022 Navigator Hybrid. Still, the company is not announcing anything yet.

2022 Lincoln Navigator Price

For a long time, you can also find questions about the Ford Expedition off-road edition. Recently, we can hear rumors about the 2022 Lincoln Navigator Raptor This package is not likely to happen, since it is available only in the truck segment for now. Ford is developing a new version for F-150 with monster outputs, probably over 700 hp. Still, the 2022 Lincoln Navigator Raptor will be ready to take you anywhere, not because of the powerful engine, but also a special suspension tuning and all-terrain tires.

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New Black Label Themes

Top of the line models is going to be again Black Label. The package is not enhancing power or exterior. Interior themes are unique and bring high-end materials. Most Lincoln vehicles are using three different layouts. Currently, for Navigator, there are Chalet, Destination, and Yacht Club. In the future, the company might refresh the lineup with new themes, colors, and materials. The 2022 Lincoln Navigator Black Label is going to be the most expensive model in the family, with the price tag exceeding $100,000.