2020 Nissan GT-R Price, Nismo, Specs, and Release Date

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2020 Nissan GT-R Price, Nismo, Specs, and Release Date. 2020 Nissan GT-R is surely one of the longest expected models on the market, and one of those that people are highly expected after almost a decade of pause. As we heard from the chiefs in Nissan, it will be one of the best supercars in the future, with all features that these models include.

2020 Nissan GTR Images

It’ll immediately appropriate time meant for Nissan to store all of the current-generation 2018 Nissan GT-R R35 to evolution about redesign the fresh idea along with releasing a new Nissan GT-R R36 design.

Like everyone knows that 2018 GT-R has four variant, such as 2018 GT-R Pure (MSRP: $99,990), GT-R Premium (MSRP: $110,490), GT-R Track Edition (MSRP: $128,490), and GT-R Nismo Limited (MSRP: $175,490).

2020 Nissan GTR Exterior


All we know about the engine in 2020 Nissan GT-R is what Nakamura-san, their voice of chief director said for Top Gear. He said that it should be a 3.0-liter V6 petrol engine taken from Nissan La Manse race car, but he did not confirm which electric model will be paired with it. He said that we should expect a hybrid model or as an option with that, but nothing more about that. To be honest, GT-R has never been a lightweight car, and with all we know by now, it will not be changed in that term for the future, so they really need something to boost up the strength and speed, but also efficiency. That could be a new hybrid engine.

The actual Nissan GT-R R35 provides persisted for ten years, however, won’t always be unless at a minimum over the final of this decade whenever Nissan will ultimately release an all-new GT-R car. As it is going to appear, it’s probably going to be significantly distinct from the vehicle on the market, not only to conditions from the underpinnings but more as much the form is anxious.

2020 Nissan GTR Exterior


The final design of the 2020 Nissan GT-R is not known yet, but we saw a concept we can say that the final design will not be much different from it. There is a sporty curved long front end with modern front lights and wide air intake shaped in letter V. the rear end is even more curved with a high spoiler on the trunk door and thin and modern rear lights.

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All of these renderings tend to be reasonably phenomenal along with well-executed considering that Nissan has stated nothing in regards to option to the 2018 R35 GT-R. Accurately a long product phase, the actual Nismo technicians are not able to depart good enough itself across the new car’s four-year stint on the market today.

2020 Nissan GTR Exterior

Almost all the further element modifications for the GT-R are actually beneath the body, still. Merely the LED driving lamps that will join that bumper in the earlier model were being included with the great along with design attractiveness of the actual GT-R.


Following a resource about Nissan, this car’s substantial weight-loss, which might result at a 1500kg mass number, occurs dealing with using extraordinary using of carbon fiber limbs as well as a reconfiguration for the inside structure without the pair of rear-end seating.

The vehicle is going to be considerably not the same as the actual predecessor utilizing greater dimensions especially in their width and also height. The style of the car may be more unusual which expected for being severely impacted by the idea of 2020 Vision Gran Turismo through toned hood together with elongated lighting.

The manufacturer only said that 2020 Nissan GT-R will be redesigned, but nothing more about the cabin of it. We expect a sports designed model, with sports seats and the same design of the dashboard. Since the car takes the engine from La Mans car a race cars design could be appealing, too.

2020 Nissan GT-R Release Date and Price

When the new R36 GT-R will release to the marketplace and dealerships? Until now, Nissan isn’t anticipated to talk about the latest GT-R right before 2018, so we may need to just wait till 2020 ahead of we perceive that when it comes to car dealerships. The newest hybrid product may include a substantial amount of the selling price.

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How much does a Nissan GTR cost? Possibly pressing entry-level for 2020 Nissan GT-R R36 price tag will available at the $130,000 to $200,000 amount. Even so, it’ll also most likely be less expensive than challengers through Porsche, Dodge, Audi, Mazda and even Lamborghini.

There are so many things that could be happened before 2020, so the final appearance and even the engine type could be completely different when 2020 Nissan GT-R is on the market. The most important is that the new model is on the road and the manufacturer is seriously working on it. The price should not be much changed from the last models, and that is $110,000 for the base model with even $175,000 for the highest version. With all we know so far, it will be worth money, at least in this class.

Pros and Cons

  • Highly luxury designed car with great details.
  • It will have a strong and powerful engine with an announced hybrid option.
  • It is not known how the cabin will look like.
  • The price is at the highest level in the range.