2020 Ford Everest Price, Specs, Redesign, and Release Date

2020 Ford Everest Price, Specs, Redesign, and Release Date. The 2020 Ford Everest is a Ranger-based SUV that is available in the Australian market. The popularity of this model is at the peak in the US because many experts believe the new Bronco will be Everest’s version for the United States. We will see as soon as the all-new Bronco unveils its face. Well, the 2020 Everest will take the chance to increase its fan base. Being a close sibling to one of the most expecting models, the SUV is under everyday monitoring. Spy shot of the first prototypes is available. Of course, many are trying to find out more about Bronco, but there are still Aussie fans of the Everest that don’t care about the SUV for the US market.

2020 Ford Everest  Powertrain

The SUV is using the same platform as the Ranger truck. Markets outside the US rarely offer full-size models. The 2020 Ford Everest is one of the toughest SUV you will find there. This is going to be a three-row model with seating for seven. In some other Asian markets, buyers can find this one as Ford Endeavour.

Engine & Specs

Under the hood of the 2020 Ford Everest is a 3.2-liter diesel engine A turbocharged five-cylinder unit is capable to produce 200 hp and 350 lb-ft of torque. With this engine, properly equipped, the SUV will be capable to tow 6,600 pounds. Its fuel economy is not the greatest. You can still get better mileage by choosing the 4 × 2 instead of 4 × 4 drive.

2020 Ford Everest  Images

The other engine that is coming for the new SUV is a 2.0-liter turbodiesel. It is also the powertrain of the Euro-spec Ranger Raptor truck. Rumors about the 2020 Ford Everest Raptor are louder, so this SUV could also get the same version. The powertrain will be more capable than the 2.0 unit. This one is producing 210 hp and 370 lb-ft of torque and tows 6.800 pounds. Some say this engine could go to the US.

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2020 Ford Everest Changes

The last edition of the SUV brought some modest changes. The new 2020 Ford Everest will refresh the look and interior. Well, we must wait for the details, since this model will be very similar to the new Bronco. From what we see, the SUV for the US market is too boxy for the Everest. Australian model is not getting such shape, that is for sure. It could be similar to Baby Bronco– a smaller, off-road oriented version. These two nameplates will share a lot of things in common, but the Blue Oval company is still mysterious and keeps its vehicle safe from leaking sources.

2020 Ford Everest  Engine

We expect some changes on the front fascia. Being based on the Ranger SUV means the 2020 Ford Everest will also use the same features as its stablemate. The new shape of headlights and set of wheels are definitely worthy of mention. Other notable exterior modifications will be known when the vehicle enters the market in 2020.


Inside the cabin, we will find more space. The safety is in focus for the next Everest. The SUV is getting advanced features for the base model. Emergency braking now comes with sensors that detect pedestrians and other vehicles in traffic. It will make your ride stop if needed. A rearview camera with parking sensors will make the reverse drive easier. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are part of the infotainment system in all trim levels. An 8-inch touchscreen display is there and navigation is part of additional equipment.

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2020 Ford Everest Raptor

The 2020 Ford Everest Raptor is the main rumor about this SUV. Speculations are numerous and we don’t have a clue about its drivetrain. There are a few possibilities, so we will try to analyze them all.

The first one is that Raptor SUV will stick to a 2.0-liter unit and its current form. Well, to week output is an obvious downside. Engineers are saying there is more potential in this drivetrain, so more power and torque could be squeezed out of it. That is a more likely option. We need to consider a larger V6 engine. A 3.5-liter from Ford F-150 Raptor? Very unlikely. A 2.7-liter EcoBoost V6 is a better solution. It can create 325 hp and 380 pound-feet of twist. We must mention a V8, which is there in some customized versions of the SUV. This is another far-fetched story for the 2020 Ford Everest.

Release Date and Prices

The new 2020 Ford Everest will enter the market next year. The company is preparing big changes, so it needs time to make all perfect. The Raptor version is coming. This one is going to be available later next season. We will try to find out more about prices. The entry-level models cost 40,000 Australian dollars. Titanium is top trim and it costs double with some extra packages and features.